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Vinyl Welding
For jobs where waterproofing is crucial, we have multiple hot air seam welders capable of fusing vinyl fabrics together. This process creates a long lasting watertight bond that is just as durable as our sewn seams.
With extremely durable materials and a large variety of colors, our custom awnings are guaranteed to fit any frame and help keep you out of the sun or rain.
Rain Guards
Seal off buildings during wetter, cooler months to protect animals or equipment.
Protective/Waterproof Covers
We carry various grades of durable fabrics to cover any and every thing that needs to survive the outdoor elements.
Insulated Covers
Is temperature a concern? We can insulate your cover to help keep your cold things cold and your warm things warm.
Don’t bring us your couch, but we can sew and/or repair cushion covers, replacement panels, and zippers.
Sail Shades
Available in many shapes and a large range of colors, our sail shades will help keep your outdoor space out of the heat of the sun.